here's a study I did from henry yans book. Done in pencil. Still trying to figure out how to get a good representation of sketches cause my scanner sucks... two images up, while I ponder...

B&N sketches

Some sketches from Barnes & Noble, they scanned way too light tho...

Friday Morning Figure Drawing

Twas portrait day at the figure drawing sesh on friday. Others were painting but unfortunately I forgot mine so had to go charcoal again. Oh well, here are the results. First is a study, last is final. Disregard the terrible hand.

Friday Morning Figure Drawing Pt. 3

These are the last set of the samples. Will have new ups every friday from now on.

Friday Morning Figure Drawing Pt. 2

Here's part 2 of the samplings. next part will be upped tomorrow or thurs.

Friday Morning Figure Drawing

Gonna start uploading all the stuff from my friday morning figure drawing sessions. Here's some random samplings from the past few sessions that aren't completely terrible.

Henry Workshop pt. 2...

Here are the rest of em. So inspiring watching him work.

Henry Yan Workshop

here are the demo paintings that henry did at the painting workshop. the pictures suck but the paintings are awesome and way awesome-er in real life.


been way too long since I updated. Tired of noodling on this one.


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