Fri Figs

last weeks figure drawing sesh

no figures from last week.

kinda bummed. didn't get to go to the figure sesh last week because I wrecked my car. hopefully will get to attend this up coming one.

Fri Figs

This is from last fridays figure drawing sesh, way glad to be back at it. these are too fun.

Wednesday Figs

back from the new year ready to make magic happen!! this is from a figure drawing sesh held on a wednesday at a different studio. the setup was strange. more quickies than long poses. :/

Might go to another one of these, dunno, they're biweekly so harder to plan.

New Years Day!!

happy new years!!! this year for me is gonna be all about success. and to bring in the new year, here's a leyendecker baby. still the best way to bring in the new year!

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