Henry study

Henry yan study I did in pencils, these are way too fun. Also, rendering that beard... Gonna be streaming some enviro work on my live stream check it.


Even more nose studies, workin on other images too

Nose studies

Did these today, had to get em up before I slept. Gotta keep workin on em


An older b&n drawing and some eye studies that I need to redo.. Will have a better update tomorrow

studies galore!!

so for the update today is two images. First is a skill test I did, the really rendered head is all from mind, checking to see how good my understanding of structure and planes/light/anatomy is. which leaves a lot to be desired. But, it's a good jumping off point, tells me what I need to work on. second image is a study I did of a henry yan drawing, about 2 hours total on it. really shows how much I suck at painting in PS... can't control values in it for shit... something else that I need to work on. hopefully I can get at least 2-3 of these done a week. try to get my brush control/value control up where it needs to be!!

First update...

Of the rest of my life. It's time to start the dailies and I do mean get them started. First up is some sketches done at b&n and a few Henry yan studies. Taken from my phone. There's probably gonna be tons of phone updates till I get a decent scanner. Till then phone and photoshop will be the name of the game

digi portrait.

holy... an update!!! what is this!?!?!?

so this is a portrait I did of a friend in PS. it's off a pic so it's not exactly something to flip over but it came out ok and it's better than the tumble weeds roamin round these parts. gonna try and start updating once a day (anything and everything that I can update with) starting probably next week, I need to do something to keep me on my feet. Not having figure sesh's suck to go to sucks!! probably (hopefully) lots of studies and randoms, time to level up mah game!!

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