some more studies of Henry yan. he's such a crusher!! also, doing studies of charcoal drawings in pencil is weird... rendering feels unnatural


nose studies based off of ruan jia studies. Originals are in pencil, painted these in PS to try and work on my control of form/lighting digitally. did em before in line. workin on eyes next!!


birthday card for my buddy mike. no real update for yesterday, but this counts. will have one today though!!


some nose studies done in PS, cause I really suck at doing noses and eyes digitally for some reason. only line work. will try and paint em out tomorrow and see how that goes. based off of ruan jias studies that he did.


so I call a mulligan on the last half of last week. the fourth messed up my update schedule but I'm back on it again!! here's a quick sketch, all from the mind, no ref. just a test on how I draw people now. will be trying other stuff with it tomorrow.


Again yesterday, it looks like I got a small window where I can get a painting started and be able to finish same day... too busy of a schedule

No update yesterday

Yep... Was out enjoying the holiday with friends.. Will have an ups today though


Quickie of andy griffith. used to love this show for some reason when I was a kid. sad to hear he's passed.


Almost didnt make it but I gots it. Here is a Henry yan study for the update tonight. This one was too fun, also good for form practice! Henry is a master!!

rough study

working on a study in PS. had to cut it off early though, eyes are starting to hurt form staring at my monitor too much. >.> gotta work on it later in the week.

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